Bubblr Collective App

The Bubblr Collective app is our means of interacting with our supporters, friends and curious minds.

Through the app, we will share fresh creative content with you from around the web which is pertinent to what we are doing, truthful and worth sharing onwards. Use the ‘share’ facility within the app to pass on these links to your own networks of friends, family and followers. You can choose to receive instant notifications when we publish new stuff. 

The Bubblr Collective app also has NewzMine built in, so you can experience the best breaking news for topics that interest you (and also give us feedback on what you like or don’t like about it!). 

The most interactive feature is the Forum – connect here on a whole variety of topics. Help us join the dots between what the internet has become, what the economy has become and what this is doing to our planet. Let’s work together to make a change. 

Make an Impact

Each of our individual responsibilities, decisions, behaviours and actions can make an impact. We hope that this community will drive change.

Participate in the Discussion

Share, comment, join the forum. We will invite members to moderate channels and create new ones on topics of interest.

Join Like-Minded People

Like-minded individuals who just want to do their bit to make the world a better place.

Shape our Products

The underlying ethos at Bubblr is to develop ethical technology solutions, underpinned by equitable and sustainable business models that work to make the internet great again for everyone.

Download the Bubblr Collective App