The Challenges

At Bubblr, our vision and mission have been created to drive our decision making and help us to overcome significant global challenges. Overcoming these challenges is ambitious but with our unique technology and business solutions and your help, we believe it’s not impossible.

The idea of living in a state of hyper-connectivity was once considered to be ideal – information available on demand with a click or a tap. But this ideal has been debunked due to our information ecosystem being dangerously polluted with bad actors.

“Fake news”, deep-fakes, trolls, lies and manipulation. All fuelled by the very nature of the Internet that once promised a free and independent information superhighway.

Social Media has made it much easier for anybody to generate misinformation, and it doesn’t look like this is going to stop any time soon.

First Draft ( has conducted extensive research into providing guidelines to help people to identify falsehoods of news media. They have classified this Information Disorder into 3 categories:

  • Disinformation is content that is intentionally false and designed to cause harm. It is motivated by three distinct factors: to make money; to have political influence, either foreign or domestic; or to cause trouble for the sake of it.
  • Misinformation also describes false content, but where the person sharing doesn’t realise that it is false or misleading. Often a piece of disinformation is picked up by someone who doesn’t realise it’s false, and shares it with their networks, believing that they are helping and providing a source of truth.
  • Malinformation describes genuine information that is shared with an intent to cause harm. This information is chosen selectively, perhaps without regard for relevancy, and while true, may emit certain essential facts in order to divert the actual truth.

Bubblr’s solutions:

Citizens Journalist – where the veracity and provenance of original content can be verified prior to publication. 

NewzMine – A carefully sourced news aggregation app, and a plan to develop labelling for news stories to establish their provenance. Additionally, a plan to work with third-party fact-checker organisations to peer-review and authenticate quoted facts in news stories. Our news apps will be best of breed and the go-to for the truth.

The scandal of Cambridge Analytica has shown how modern democracies have been corrupted by bad actors exploiting the nature of social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. They were undoubtedly influential in the 2016 US presidential election and the UK Brexit referendum. Our democracies are being threatened by the manipulation of information that is abundant on social media. We believe in democracy, and the role of the news media in providing relevant essential information to all those who it is relevant to. 

Watch this video of Investigative journalist Carol Cadwalladr bravely speaking out about the responsibility of technology companies in upholding Democracy. 


Climate change is the greatest current existential threat to human civilisation. The world has to decarbonise in eight years or the future for our children and grandchildren is dire.  
The fires in Australia provide a tragic backdrop of irony to a prime minister who is in complete denial of climate change. We need radical change now. 

Most of the apathy that governments, companies and voters have about climate change have been sown by disinformation generated and distributed by the fossil fuel industry lobbyists.  

Bubblr will become one of the key tools against lies and disinformation being spread by bad actors on the internet. Eventually, the blazing bush fires, melting ice caps and extreme storms cannot be denied. Bubblr will always represent these scientifically accurate views, in order to keep you informed on the most pressing matters we currently face as a civilisation.